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Winter Weather Reminders - School Information

Winter weather has returned.  

Families are reminded that extra caution should be taken getting to and from school.

For the safety and security of all students, the HCA school building will be open on scheduled school days. If there is a change, parents will be notified by 7:00 am by email and a notice will be posted on the school website. As always, parents/guardians make their own decisions about sending their children to school. Please use your best discretion and judgement. 

If your children will be absent from school please submit the absence before 8:15 am through the Edsby app.

Parents should ensure their children are dressed appropriately for the weather before sending them off to school today, and every day.

When the temperature is -20 C or colder, students will remain indoors until parents arrive to pick them up. Students run out to check if their ride is waiting and come back into the school to wait. They are dismissed when they see your vehicle or receive a text telling them you're in the parking lot.

When the temperatures reach this point, announcements are made to the students, and we ask that parents also communicate this to their children.

Take care and drive safely!

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