Parents + HCA

We are privileged to play a significant part in the academic success, character development and spiritual growth of our students. The role and responsibility of parents is vital to ensuring that each student is supported and reaching their highest potential at HCA.

It's a partnership between parents and staff and there are many ways for parents to be involved in our school community.

  • Volunteer for field trips or in the classroom/office, or with extracurricular activities
  • Encourage time and space for study at home
  • Attend School Council meetings (they are held every month!)
  • Participate in events and activities that build school community
  • Ask teachers if they have concerns and share any concerns you have about your child
  • Support fundraising and consider donating annually or as a grad legacy gift
  • Stay informed about news and decisions that affect the school
  • Share your knowledge and skillset
  • Join students for their chapels on day 5
  • ...